Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about owning a BoxDrop franchise. If you have more questions, contact BoxDrop today.

How much is the BoxDrop franchise fee?

The BoxDrop franchise fee is only $15,000. This fee can be paid over the first 12 months in equal amounts of $1,000, after an initial downpayment of $3,000.

Is it true that BoxDrop does NOT charge royalty fees?

Yes, it’s true. BoxDrop does not charge a royalty fee or percentage. BoxDrop franchise owners keep 100% of the revenue and sales they generate at their clearance centers.

What are the other fees related to advertising, training, and support?

BoxDrop does not currently charge fees for advertising, training, or support.

Which BoxDrop territories are still available this year?

BoxDrop opens up a limited number of protected territories each year. Contact BoxDrop to learn more about the current availability.

What gives BoxDrop franchise owners a competitive advantage?

BoxDrop owners operate a clearance center model that is very different from traditional retail. BoxDrop owners take advantage of trade secrets, proven social and digital marketing methods that create demand, wholesale purchasing power, and community support from expert coaches and other successful BoxDrop franchise owners.

Why is BoxDrop considered a "recession resistant" business?

BoxDrop franchise owners operate clearance centers that offer high quality mattress and furniture products at 30-70% off retail. This model makes BoxDrop locations very attractive to consumers during both normal and recessionary economic climates.

How do BoxDrop franchise owners create customers and demand?

BoxDrop franchise owners use very specific social and digital marketing methods to create a steady flow of new customers. In addition, BoxDrop’s Google rating average of 4.9 creates a strong flow of referrals and repeat customers.

What type of prior experience is required to own a BoxDrop franchise?

Prior experience is not required to own a BoxDrop franchise. We have a very diverse group of franchise owners who come from all walks of life and who have every imaginable life story. BoxDrop provides all the training and support that is needed for a wide variety of people to succeed and thrive.

What training is provided to BoxDrop franchise owners?

BoxDrop provides a tremendous amount of continuous training to our franchise owners. BoxDrop training includes specialized launch and year-one training, personalized training from a dedicated coach, national training events, online training via BoxDrop University, and monthly training via national calls.

What is so special about BoxDrop's coaching program?

BoxDrop’s coaching program is one of the most important assets to any BoxDrop franchise owner. BoxDrop coaches own and operate one or more BoxDrop locations and they have deep, hands-on experience. Every BoxDrop franchise owner is assigned a dedicated coach who supports them every step of the way.

Can I own multiple BoxDrop franchise locations?

Yes, you can own multiple BoxDrop franchise locations. BoxDrop has a long history of successful multi-unit owners.

How large is the market that BoxDrop franchise owners serve?

BoxDrop franchise owners serve the $100 billion mattress and furniture industry. Each BoxDrop clearance centers serve customers in their local markets with high quality products that are 30-70% off retail.

Who are the customers that BoxDrop franchise owners serve?

Our studies show that one out of every ten consumers are in the market to buy a mattress or furniture. These consumers want quality products at low prices. BoxDrop franchise owners reach these “in-market buyers” using proven digital and social marketing strategies. 

What are my chances of owning a BoxDrop franchise?

BoxDrop opens a limited number of protected terrorities each year. Each territory is only offered to one franchise applicant. BoxDrop is looking for franchise owners with a strong work ethic and the desire to follow our proven system. Willingness to relocate to an open territory, among many other factors, may increase you chances of owning a BoxDrop franchise.

Limited Territories Remain for 2024

We have a limited number of new territories available for 2024. A BoxDrop growth expert will discuss the available territories and guide you to the next step if you are a good fit for our business model. Apply today if you are interested.

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