Mattress & Furniture

BoxDrop owners use protected trade secrets to serve the $100 billion mattress and furniture industry. Customers buy top brands in BoxDrop clearance centers at 30-70% off traditional retail prices.



Quality Products

BoxDrop sells the highest quality mattress and furniture products
sourced directly from leading manufacturers at wholesale prices.

Proven Marketing

BoxDrop owners use digital
marketing to generate customers into their clearance center where they provide a unique buying experience.

Happy Customers

BoxDrop’s has one of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the franchise industry with an average of 4.9 on Google.

BoxDrop Success Story

Franchise owner Effie Dodge talks about her journey from an 80-hour per week job to operating her BoxDrop with her family.


Traditional retail business models are inferior

The mattress and furniture market is typically served by overpriced retailers that use
high-pressure sales tactics.

High expenses and low profits

Overpriced products found everywhere

Poor customer ratings and reviews

BoxDrop is a better
business model.

BoxDrop owners use protected trade secrets and a clearance center model to outperform traditional retail competitors.


Low overhead, high margins, happy customers

BoxDrop uses a low-overhead clearance center model, sells products at 30-70% off retail, and generates satisfied customers.

Generate customers with digital marketing

Book appointments that fit your schedule

Help customers find products they love

You sell top brands at a deep discount with high margins

Our franchise owners enjoy a competitive advantage over traditional retailers by selling high-quality products at low prices in their clearance centers. BoxDrop’s proven model creates a steady stream of new and repeat customers.

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A note from the BoxDrop CEO

BoxDrop was created to serve a huge unmet need in the $100 billion mattress and furniture industry: customers want to buy top brands and high quality products at discounted prices and without heavy sales pressure.

BoxDrop manufactures its own private label brands, has patented and trade secret protected methodologies, and also has wholesale partnerships with name brand importers, national manufacturers, and in closeouts that leverage the national chains buying power for its franchisees.

Our customers are so happy that we’ve earned the highest average Google rating in the entire industry!

Scott Andrew

CEO, BoxDrop

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Expand Your Product Line

Significantly grow your revenue by expanding your product line with adjustable bases, sofas, and other furniture.

Serve More Customers

Offer a wider array of high quality mattress and furniture products to grow your revenue and customer base.

Expand your target market

Grow and diversify your revenue

Increase your average order size

The BoxDrop franchise model allowed me to extend my product line from mattress-only to mattress and furniture. That one change really fueled the growth of my BoxDrop business.

Kyle Wilson

Franchise Owner, BoxDrop Johnson City

Own Multiple Locations

BoxDrop owners can own multiple franchise locations to rapidly grow their revenue streams.

Expand into more territories

Build your franchise team

Leverage your leadership skills

Franchise Growth Flexibility

BoxDrop offers franchise owners a lot of flexibility to grow their business. Our franchise owners have a proven track record of scaling their business using a variety of creative strategies. This level of flexibilty is very rare in franchising.

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Grow Your Franchise

Multi-unit franchise owners can leverage their leadership and management skills to grow their BoxDrop business.

Limited Territories Remain for 2024

We have a limited number of new territories available for 2024. A BoxDrop growth expert will discuss the available terrorities and guide you to the next step if you are a good fit for our business model. Apply today if you are interested.

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