BoxDrop Leadership

BoxDrop is an award-winning company that is lead by a diverse and experienced team of executives and coaches. Our leadership team is committed to empowering the success of BoxDrop owners all across America.

Scott Andrew

Chief Executive Officer

After graduating from NC State University with a degree in economics and business management, Scott worked in corporate banking where he handled mergers & acquisitions and commercial accounts As an entrepreneur over the last twenty-five years, Scott has founded and/or owned more than a dozen different companies spanning multiple industries and countries including beverage wholesale, real-estate development, rodeo productions, internet marketing & distribution in retail and B2B, as well as businesses in the home furnishings industry. While building companies, he has also served on several national boards including the NC Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association and the Coors Brewing Company Mid-Atlantic Advisory Board. His expertise in distribution led to the development of a broad-based internet business which operated in more than thirty states and several foreign markets. Recognizing a need for disruptive distribution and retail changes in the $100 billion dollar US home furnishings industry, he founded RSS in 2013. Through strategic asset and talent acquisitions he has directed RSS’s industry leading growth since the company’s inception.  Scott has long proven his ability to see market needs and trends in multiple industries and then build successful talent pools that he calls “Master Mind Teams” in his recently published book The Rugged Entrepreneur.

Jerry Williams


Jerry Williams has been a leader in the home furnishings industry for over 20 years running operations for businesses that have generated over $400M in wholesale revenue. As the President of RSS, Jerry works directly with manufacturing partners to ensure that RSS receives the best value and service for its brands, products, and private labels. Jerry also oversees RSS’s financial division and its customer service and brand development teams while working with the company’s CEO on strategic project and program development. Jerry also has previous experience in both operations and sales for distribution-based businesses in the trucking and waste management industries. Jerry graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Transportation and Logistics.  Jerry resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Emily.

Darren Conrad

Chief Community Officer

Prior to RSS, Darren Conrad was the founder of four separate retail business chains that created training, marketing, and sales programs that lead to the successful opening of several hundred retail operations across the US in the home furnishings industry. Darren has been a sought-after business expert in the retail bedding industry by some of its largest manufacturers like Serta and Corsicana. Darren’s visionary abilities for creating brands and marketing strategies, that include social media and community atmosphere cultivation, are second to none and he excels in empowering franchisees to achieve their best while being a part of a much larger team.

David Wilson

Chief Marketing Officer

David Wilson grew up in the franchise business as his family owned seven quick serve locations. David graduated number one in his class at NC State University and then continued his education by earning an MBA at UNC Chapel Hill. David spent three years in consulting with Accenture to prepare himself for future business development and leadership opportunities with several companies. As the Executive VP of his first company, David led it through multiple roll-up mergers and acquisitions until it was ultimately sold for $200M. David also co-founded a venture-backed mobile marketing business that was sold to Nokia, built and sold an ATM business that grew to over 300 locations in the coastal Carolinas, and then became CEO of a marketing research and analytics firm.

In his spare time, David is the co-founder and chair of the Alliance Medical Ministry in Raleigh, NC which is an award-winning non-profit providing medical care to the uninsured working in Wake County.  

David joined RSS in 2019 and brings his breadth of business experience in high level data-driven marketing and rugged entrepreneurship. He and his team have advanced RSS’s advertising and marketing strengths across all business models and programs. 

Jim Wilson

Chief Franchise Development Officer

Jim Wilson spent over 30 years in corporate America working for Fortune 100 companies and now is a successful business executive and entrepreneur in Johnson City TN. Jim began his corporate career at Raytheon Company within the defense industry as a missile systems engineer. Jim later joined Eastman Chemical Company and worked in various engineering and project management roles. Over the last 15 years of his corporate career, he was in various key commercial roles for Eastman. In his final role as Director of Global Procurement, he led a global sourcing team who managed a direct spend of over $2B and reported to the Chief Procurement Officer.

In 2018, after retiring from Eastman, Jim joined private business as a key leader for RSS.  He is currently Chief Franchise Development Officer and responsible for Supply Chain strategies.  From 2019-2021, Jim was CEO of the RSS-owned bioPURE Services company and guided it from start-up to a 50-location national franchising company operating in 15 states.  Jim is a partial owner of franchise businesses with each of his two adult sons.  

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from East Tennessee State University.  

Supporter dealer success

Kelly Harris

Chief Merchandising Officer & Coach

Kelly is a highly-experienced BoxDrop franchise owner. She leads our merchandising strategies and also serves as a BoxDrop coach. In her coaching role, Kelly supports BoxDrop dealers who are focused on growing into multi-million dollar ordering locations. She is a dedicated professional who, influenced by her father’s teachings, learned the importance of treating customers right. Kelly funded her college education by nurturing client relationships and consistently went above and beyond for them. Her profound motivation and notable achievements derive from her deep-rooted family values. With a two-decade-long tenure in customer service, Kelly enjoys helping others build prosperous businesses and values providing her children with a rural upbringing.

Picture of George, a dedicated chief training officer

George Varn

Chief Training Officer (CTO)

George is a lifelong entrepreneur, and founder of multiple businesses in internet, telecommunications, and home furnishings. A fourth-generation Floridian and US Navy veteran, he attended Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University, and Naval Nuclear Power School. Alongside his wife Sandi and son Matt, they own and operate a successful BoxDrop franchise. Known as “The Father,” George provides direct business coaching, manages training programs, and advises RSS dealers nationwide. He has greatly influenced the success of many RSS business owners and managers. Beyond business, George enjoys diving, flying, and serving on nonprofit and community organization boards with Sandi.


About BoxDrop

BoxDrop Coaches

BoxDrop coaches provide personalized training and support to every franchise owner. Every BoxDrop coach also owns and operates a successful BoxDrop franchise of their own. 

Chris Benhoff

Division Business Coach

This Entrepreneur started as a cook and manager at Ruby Tuesday’s while studying at Purdue School of Business. Graduating cum laude in 2003, Chris joined his father’s business and introduced new strategies, including social media. Taking over as owner in 2009, his dedication to customer service and work ethic propelled him to success. With over 18 years in the industry, Chris continues to expand the business and involve his brother Tyler. Beyond business, he enjoys golf, cooking, and playing bass guitar. “If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting time.” – Billy Joel

Bill Moeller

Division Business Coach

Bill, a believer in not hitting the snooze button, began his sales career at 19 selling Kirby vacuums door-to-door. With 25 years in Fortune 500 and smaller companies, he also earned a BA in Bible and Theology. In 2017, he opened a BoxDrop location, combining his marketplace and ministry experiences. By 2019, Bill achieved Rugged 600, focusing on mattresses and sofas. Joining the coaching team in 2020, he expanded his business and moved to a larger location. In 2022, Bill hit Rugged 1 million, grateful for pursuing his dream without snoozing.

Brian Heid

Division Business Coach

Brian, originally from Ohio, started his entrepreneurial journey at age 10 by buying a lawn mower. His lawn service grew, and he found success. After a 25-year career with Sam’s Club, he became a part owner of an HR consulting company. Brian opened BoxDrop Augusta in 2017, achieving Rugged 500 status. He recently purchased a location in Cape Coral, Florida. Brian enjoys sports, boating, golf, and supporting charities like Children’s Miracle Network and Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Tim Buster

Division Business Coach

Tim Buster is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background in building businesses. From a donut shop owner to managing a large workforce, he has ventured into various industries including milk delivery, courier services, furniture delivery, and trucking. Tim’s love for business led him to discover the duplicatable model of a Mattress and Furniture Clearance Center. With three locations, he has played a significant role in the growth of our company. As a coach, Tim finds joy in helping dealers enhance their strengths and develop their businesses. He lives by Tony Robbins’ quote: “The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

Heather Bradley

Division Business Coach

Heather Bradley, raised in Indiana, learned the value of hard work and treating people equally regardless of their status. She grew up hearing a story about her grandfather’s kindness to a man who had fallen on hard times. This lesson shaped her approach to life and business. With a background in customer service and human resources, Heather’s goal is to treat everyone with utmost respect. In 2012, she got married and later opened a BoxDrop location in 2016, fulfilling her dream of owning a small business while caring for her community like family.

Josh Haynes

Division Business Coach

Josh grew up in a business-oriented family, helping with their vending machine and income tax ventures. Josh, discovered his passion for accounting, management, and business at a young age. After earning a degree in Business Management and Accounting, he embarked on a career in various roles for small businesses. However, his entrepreneurial aspirations remained unfulfilled until he joined BoxDrop in 2014. Currently overseeing four West Virginia locations, Josh’s father also joined the business, and he has recruited other friends to share in the opportunity. Additionally, Josh’s collaboration with Bob Wert and Kelly Harris in developing the upholstery business has been instrumental in its growth. 

Kirk Housewright

Division Business Coach

Kirk has an extensive finance background, excelling in sales and opening multiple locations, generating millions in sales. He and his wife, Heather, have been successful entrepreneurs in the transportation brokerage industry. They started their first BoxDrop location in 2016. Kirk’s previous experience in logistics management involved significant contracts and border crossing. He and Heather also own a small bowling alley. Kirk holds a degree in business management and is passionate about coaching basketball. He enjoys bass fishing, staying active, and spending quality time outdoors with his family.

Don Macbeth

Division Business Coach

Donald graduated summa cum laude in business management from Culver Stockton College, receiving an entrepreneurship leadership award. He transitioned from managing retail, restaurant, and grocery stores to opening a small mattress location in 2009. Over the past 13+ years, his business has grown consistently, expanding to three locations, including a 40,000 sq. ft. furniture clearance center. Married to Nancy with two children and four grandkids, Donald is a devoted St. Louis Cardinals fan. He credits RSS for providing the tools and resources to grow his business and finds fulfillment in helping other dealers achieve entrepreneurial success.

Mike Davis

Division Business Coach

Donald graduated summa cum laude in business management from Culver Stockton College, receiving an entrepreneurship leadership award. He transitioned from managing retail, restaurant, and grocery stores to opening a small mattress location in 2009. Over the past 13+ years, his business has grown consistently, expanding to three locations, including a 40,000 sq. ft. furniture clearance center. Married to Nancy with two children and four grandkids, Donald is a devoted St. Louis Cardinals fan. He credits RSS for providing the tools and resources to grow his business and finds fulfillment in helping other dealers achieve entrepreneurial success.

Sandi Varn

Division Business Coach

Sandi Varn, a native Floridian, is known for her community involvement and selfless volunteer work. She has excelled in various athletic pursuits, from triathlons to USTA tennis championships. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Florida State University, Sandi has held positions in research, marketing, and owned an advertising agency. In 2007, she took over Tallahassee Furniture Direct, now operating as BoxDrop Tallahassee Furniture Direct, a highly successful Retail Service Systems location. Sandi and her husband George have three sons and three energetic grandsons.

Phyllis Rouse

Division Business Coach

Phyllis, originally from the Midwest, moved frequently due to her father’s job, fueling her love for meeting new people. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education and later a Master’s degree, dedicating her career to teaching and coaching. As retirement approached, Phyllis and her husband, David, seized the opportunity to work for themselves by opening a BoxDrop location. Phyllis now serves as a coach, contributing to BoxDrop University and supporting new dealers. She cherishes the union of BoxDrop, teaching, and coaching alongside her husband.

Sean Stephan

Division Business Coach

Sean graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and built a successful career in health and fitness. He managed a retail location that grew from $100k to $500k in sales. Through persistence and coaching, he expanded his client base and became a manager overseeing a team. With the birth of his daughter, Sean prioritized family time. Inspired by successful entrepreneurs, he joined RSS/BoxDrop as the Northeast Division Coach, aiming to elevate the team through coaching, mentoring, leadership, and team-building skills.

Theron Wilson

Division Business Coach

Theron excelled in baseball in college and graduated with honors. He worked in Washington DC, initially at a think tank and later as a Senior Legislative Assistant for a congressman. Eventually, he shifted his focus to family and established successful businesses in the furniture industry. Seeking proximity to their extended family, Theron and his wife relocated to rural Ohio. Impressed by his abilities, RSS hired Theron as a leader, and he opened an RSS corporate location in Columbus. Theron appreciates the career balance and compensation that RSS provides while being part of a larger organization.

Amy Bowen


Amy has been with BoxDrop since its inception in 2013. Since then, her position and responsibility have steadily grown year after year. While taking responsibility for leading the team of Jill, Lavonda, and Christina – Amy is also responsible for the management of all company financials and accounting. When she isn’t auditing financial statements, managing monthly reports, or filling taxes for the company, Amy enjoys spending time in her flower garden and being outdoors with her husband, John, and their sons, Tyler and Jacob.

Nick Atkinson

Director of Customer Care & Claims

Nick joined the BoxDrop team in 2019 initially as a Dealer Support worker. Since then, he has proven his value and work ethic by working his way to the position of Director of Customer Care and Claims. Nick is the leader of 7 individuals across the Claims and Dealer Support units. When Nick isn’t acting as vendor liaison or assisting in escalated customer care situations, he enjoys spending his free time with friends and family watching sports or playing video games!

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